About Us


Chesapeake Woodworking, Inc. was founded in 1987 in Baltimore Maryland as a family owned custom millwork shop. Brothers Jim and Dave Schreiber and Cousin Mike Boettcher began working out of a small local garage. Soon the owners work and reputation grew into a premier Architectural Millwork Operation with yearly sales of over 3 million dollars. The three still own and operate the shop and also provide finishing and installation services with excellence and family pride. They currently employ 42 craftsmen, including 5 estimators, 3 draftsmen, 2 shop foremen and support staff.


Chesapeake Woodworking, Inc. is located at 125 North Kresson Street in Baltimore City, Maryland. Their facility includes 40,000 square feet of work area and 10,000 square feet of loft/storage area. This space allows them to stock more retail hardwoods than anyone in the Baltimore area. The Company owns two delivery trucks which are available for daily runs to deliver or receive.

Management Personnel

Jim Schreiber – President – Prior to founding Chesapeake Woodworking, Inc., Jim worked at Western Mill & Lumber Company in Maryland. Beginning in the seven year apprentice program as an apprentice and progressing to journeyman and then to shop foreman he gained thirteen years of experience in the millwork field.

Dave Schreiber – Vice-President
– Prior to founding Chesapeake Woodworking, Inc., Dave worked at Western Mill & Lumber Company in an apprenticeship program and then progressed to journeyman. Dave also worked as a trim carpenter on field projects.

Mike Boettcher – Secretary
– Prior to founding Chesapeake Woodworking, Inc., Mike served as an sheet metal apprentice at Maryland Dry Dock. He then moved on to Western Mill & Lumber Company where he began as a cabinet maker and progressed to journeyman. Mike ran the installation crew for Chesapeake Woodworking then went on to become an Estimator.

Tom Raschka – Shop Foreman/Draftsman
– Tom joined Chesapeake Woodworking, Inc., in 1991. He brings a wide range of experience and knowledge in the woodworking and business fields. He started working with custom millwork at Concord Yachts as a trim and garnishment worker. He also earned an AA degree in music from Essex Community College. Tom was Vice-president of Newsmart, Inc (a convenience store) for 15 years and owner/operator of 2 local restaurants, Smokey’s and Carolina Garden’s, for 5 years.

Rob Maschal – Shop Foreman – Rob began working for Chesapeake Woodworking, Inc. within a few months of the Company’s inception in 1987. He obtained his woodworking skills as an apprentice and then journeyman at Western Mill and Lumber Company. He has also worked in the construction field at a drywall framing and acoustical ceiling company.

Sharon Podhorniak – Material and Installation Administrator
– Sharon has been with Chesapeake Woodworking, Inc. since 1995. Her experience as the sole office manager at Driggers Custom Woodworking and Freestate General Contractors has made her an invaluable asset.